Coming in 2018

A day of insights and inspiration from the world's most innovative minds.

Royal Exhibition Hall, Melbourne

Will you passively accept technology or will you take charge and shape your future?

Let's gather together as humans and collectively upgrade our knowledge.

Anything is possible.

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#aah16 & #aah14 speakers

Inspiration and innovation come from all over the planet, from every industry and social group. #aah18 will bring tomorrow’s innovation leaders to the Melbourne stage. Here are some of the speakers from our first two events:

Waleed Aly

Presenter, Writer, Academic, Laywer

Tracy Chou

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur

Steve Huffman

CEO & Co-Founder

Dr. Katie Mack


Melbourne University

Mike Monteiro

Head of Design,
Mule Design

Ali Rayl

Director of Customer Experience, Slack

Martin Hosking

CEO & Co-Founder

Window Snyder

Chief Security Officer

Anil Dash

Entrepreneur & Writer

Seriously #aah14 was the best tech conf I've been to in Australia.

Steve Sammartino, @sammartino

Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker

Sad to be missing the next @aahconf in Melbourne, it was my favourite conference of 2014 at least, and also maybe all time!

Lyn Nagara, @lynnagara

Web Developer / Designer

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#aah16 & #aah14 partners

We don’t choose our partners lightly: each one shares our values of innovation and excellence. Here are some of the companies we partnered with for #aah14 and #aah16.

If you or your company would like to work alongside #aah18 next year, please contact 
Mei Chan at

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